Assure’s Trusted Ecosystem

Threshold Technology for Multiple Signatures

  • Mechanism: The data in the Assure wallet contract is restricted. To be more specific, there is a daily limit on the flow of cross-chain data transfer of the wallet. It is intended to guarantee data security to the greatest extent feasible at the mechanism level, so the data locked in the whole DWallet protocol has a limited amount, lowering the risk of hacker attacks.
  • Technology: Assure uses multisig to certify each data flow while also assuring the cross-chain data transaction experience. Assure substantially improves the security of digital wallets in this way.
  • Consensus: Assure supports a number of signature validators. It is a sort of risk management since the only way to avoid the misbehavior of one manager is to add more. At the same time, Assure employs the DRAND consensus random process to select the primary validator for each transaction, and the main validator collects signatures from other validators. The validation efficiency has substantially improved. Furthermore, for security considerations, the signatures acquired by the main validator will be revalidated by resigning. As a consequence, Assure can reduce the likelihood of primary validator misbehavior. Approximately 90% of digital asset trading terminals presently utilize wallet address management. Once multi-signature wallet management is used, the wallet’s security will be greatly strengthened.

Transaction Self-custody

Delay in Entry Into Force

Principle of Risk Minimization

Audit and Bug Bonus




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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | Community Moderator | Content Creator

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