Crodo’s Titles

(Finding new stars in the Cronos network)

Cronos Network is being created to address the network’s incapacity to develop decentralized applications. has created a new Cronos network to accomplish this. It contains EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) support, which allows smart contracts to be used, as well as a bridge to the main network, which allows for easy token exchange.


The length of time you maintain tokens on the site determines your rank. The rank is reset to the first when you withdraw tokens from the site. There are five titles:

  1. Crewmen; This is the base rank.

2. Ensign; After a month of blocking, this item is released, giving Gravity a 15% boost.


3. Commander; After 3 months of blocking, you’ll get a bonus of 20% Gravity.


4. Captain; After 6 months of blocking, you’ll get a bonus of 25% Gravity.


5. Admiral; After 12 months of blocking, it offers 30% Gravity, and additionally offers the “Black hole” stage in case your stage is “Pulsar”


With Crodo, as an IDO platform, there is the provision of decentralized fundraising in the Cronos ecosystem for projects at an early stage of development at favorable terms for investors and platform creators. We have opted for an improved way of distributing coins among the pool members in a playful way with a clear interface.

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast | Community Moderator | Content Creator

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