The Advantages of Crodo Ecosystem.

Cronos network is being developed to solve the inability to develop decentralized applications on the network. To do this, has developed an additional Cronos network. It has implemented EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) support, which allows the use of smart contracts, as well as a bridge with the main network, which allows you to conveniently exchange tokens.

Advantages of Crodo

We sought to set an example for others by bringing a new degree of comfort to the work of IDO sites when designing this platform. The following issues were discovered after reviewing the work of other IDO sites:

1. There were no reminders to participants regarding the start, whitelist approval, or the start of the token redemption stage, for example. As a result, participants have been known to forget to visit the site on time, resulting in the loss of the opportunity to purchase a token at a discounted price.
For this, a Telegram chat bot was created, which would alert you to a critical action ahead of time.

2. Slowly operating site servers that are unable to cope with a sudden spike in traffic, resulting in difficulties accessing the IDO site at the appropriate moment.
This problem is overcome by employing’s CDN and DDOS protection, as well as hosting Kubernetes servers on’s dynamically built virtual servers.

3. Tokens are locked via a staking system with no additional motivation. This causes the price to plummet during a bearish market time.
Token holders now have titles, which are reset when tokens are withdrawn from the platform.

4. There aren’t any convenient ambassador programs.
The ability to send tasks, monitor their status, view the amount of points gained, reminders of new tasks, a competitive system, and an affiliate program were all built as part of the ambassador program.

5. Participants are oblivious to projects and buy everything at once.
Options for project integration have been established in order to involve the audience in real-world applications.

The Crodo platform provides decentralized fundraising in the Cronos ecosystem for projects at an early stage of development at favorable terms for investors and platform creators. We have opted for an improved way of distributing coins among the pool members in a playful way with a clear interface.

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